What´s new in Recur­Dyn Ver­sion 8?

The Multi Flex­i­ble Body Dynam­ics soft­ware Recur­Dyn Ver­sion 8!
Fol­low­ing you will see the new Recur­Dyn inter­face and a few new fea­tures. Fol­low­ing we will intro­duce you to the new func­tion­al­ity con­tained in the Recur­Dyn 8 R1 version.
The new key fea­tures of Recur­Dyn V8 R1 are:
  • Ribbon-​style user interface
  • New graph­ics engine: faster graph­ics and by more col­or­ful than the pre­vi­ous version
  • Faster MFBD (Multi Flex­i­ble Body Dynam­ics) solver
New user Interface
Upgraded graphic engine
Higher graph­i­cal performance
New Recur­Dyn V8 Fea­ture — cut­ting plane
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